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"When going back into therapy for a second time, it was quite daunting an it meant building a new relationship with a therapist I'd never met before and for me was quite a challenge. From the offset Angela's professionalism and kind manner really put me at ease and the within the first session I knew she was the right therapist. From the warm welcome at out first session and the first initial phone call Angela made it easy for me. She helped me through a difficult time and eased the burden of grief and other mental health issues I'd had from my past. Angela truly helped me and I would highly recommend her."    -  AB


"I came to see Angela when I lost one of my close friends unexpectedly to suicide. I was feeling devastated and on a real rollercoaster of emotion and having never experienced anything like that before, wasn't sure how to deal with it. Angela really listened and helped me to put things into perspective and see things more clearly. She was also a great listener about my job (as an NHS nurse, which can cause me quite a lot of stress sometimes) and we had some great discussion about making time for "self care" that I found really helpful and that I even took back to my colleagues to help them deal with the stress they were feeling"    -  LL 

"I found my way to Angela after reading about her in the local Counselling directory. I felt very comfortable with Angela from our first session. 

My anxieties and concerns were at times, all- consuming topped up with feelings of self-doubt, feelings of guilt, 'not good enough' syndrome and just not being able to see the way forward. Angela has helped me to look at both the past and the present and start to see situations through different eyes. I am better able to get things into perspective now and 'let myself off the hook.'

Angela's calm and supportive manner provides me with a place of safety where I can bear my soul and be supported in a non-judgemental way and where I have started to feel stronger and feel 'ok' about myself again. In all sessions and at all times Angela hs been fully present with me which I value enormously."   -   JR 

"Having never been to counselling before I was pleasantly surprised.  Angela creates a very relaxed and informal atmosphere in which you can fully explore your hidden emotions and blockages. I came away from each counselling session feeling lighter, emotionally refreshed and renewed.  I would fully recommend Angela as a counsellor to anyone wishing to improve their emotional well being and indeed their overall quality of life."    - PB